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   This is South Padre Island Kitesurfing, where you can find all of the latest info on Kiteboarding locations, gear and equipment, lessons, and shops located in South Padre Island, Texas. If you are visiting this site, then you must be interested in kite boarding and kite surfing in South Padre Island. SPI boasts some of the best kite surfing conditions in the world. A warm climate with steady, strong winds year round are just the beginning of why South Padre Island Kitesurfing and Kiteboardingkite boarding in South Padre Island is like no other place. Accompanying the winds and climate is one million acres of flat/ waist deep water in the Laguna Madre Bay. Kitesurfing in the Bay at South Padre is more accessible and consistent than any other place you have ever kiteboarded at. You could virtually walk across the bay if you wanted to, because the crystal clear blue water is waist to hip deep everywhere. You never have to worry about not being able to get your kite up because you can't touch. These warm, shallow, spacious conditions make learning how to kiteboard far easier than any other location in the US as well as the world. With a qualified instructor and proper kite surf equipment you can up and riding before you even know it.

   If you aren't into the endless flat water kite surfing that South Padre Island has to offer over 15 miles of downwinders on the Gulf of Mexico, on the East coast of the island. Large swell moves in on a consistent basis in addition to the pumping wind, makes for epic down winders all day.

What is Kite surfing/ Kite boarding?

   Kite surfing, sometimes called kite boarding, is a water sport that is done on lakes, oceans, rivers, and any other body of water. A kite surfer or kite boarder uses a large steer able kite to harness the power of the wind and propel themselves across the water on his or her kite board. The number of kitesurfers has been estimated at around 250,000 worldwide, among all countries. Generally kiteboarding refers to a style of riding that emulates the style of wakeboarding. The kite boarder rides a kite board similar to the design of a wake board, but with less "rocker". Kite surfing is usually done in the waves, where a kite surfer rides along on a surfboard in the ocean swell. These two styles are only determined by the specific kind of board that a kiter chooses; otherwise the kite equipment is the same.

Learn how to kiteboard in South Padre Island

   Kite boarding is now accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities due to advancements in safety and kiteboarding equipment. In recent years, vast improvements have been made on the kitesurfing gear, allowing for more affective safety systems, and making kitesurfing kites completely de-powerable Before 2005 kites were not as safe, which resulted in injuries and fatalities. But modern kite boarding gear allows for safer conditions, as well as making the learning process easier and faster.

   South Padre Island continually is ranked among the top destinations to kitesurf and learn how to kiteboard in the world. Steady winds, warm weather, and shallow bay water make South Padre a fantastic location to kite board. There is wind 12 months out of the year, averaging over 20 knots. The Laguna Madre Bay boasts an average temperature of 78 degrees! Read on to learn more about kiteboarding lessons and locations on South Padre Island.

Kite surfing Lessons on South Padre Island

   South Padre Island is home to the best kite surfing and kite boarding conditions in the world. You can take kiteboarding lessons everyday of the week, as long as there is wind, and generally speaking in South Padre, the wind is always blowing! The wind blows 20-30knots consistently. The windiest months are October through May. The summers also have wind just not as strong as the rest of the year. If you are looking to learn how to kite surf in a warm, windy place in the USA, then look no further than South Padre Island, Texas.

   Kite surfing lessons are generally taken in the Laguna Madre Bay. The bay makes for easy and quick education of the sport of kiteboarding. There are more than one million acres of shallow/ flat water for kite surfing in the bay. The depth is between waist and chest deep everywhere in the bay, making a great learning atmosphere for kite surfing. Because of the convenient depth of the Laguna Madre Bay, kiteboarding and kitesurfing is made much easier here. Learning how to kiteboard in shallow flat bay water is advantageous over learning in rough or deep ocean currents. Being able to touch the bottom of the bay when necessary allows beginners to re-launch crashed kites with ease, take breaks when needed without having to tread water, and also allows for the instructors to get right next to you in the water for better one-on-one kite instruction. The bay floor is a sandy bottom, mixed with some seaweed, and for the most part, free of sharp objects and shells. Booties are necessary on lessons just in case of a chance shell or oyster.

   Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing lessons are available for all ages and physical capabilities. Since the improvements of kite surfing kites and safety systems, kite boarding is much more accessible to everyone. With proper kite surfing instruction from a certified professional kiteboard instructor, learning how to kiteboard is exciting and attainable. Just make sure you go to a qualified IKO(International Kiteboard Organization) and PASA(Professional Air Sports Association) kiteboarding school in South Padre Island.

Kitesurfing Shops on South Padre Island

The highest recommended kiteboarding and kitesurfing school located on South Padre Island, Texas is Air Padre Kiteboarding. The kite shop is run locally and continually earns impressive feedback from the kite boarding students that learn how to kitesurf there everyday. They offer private kite boarding lessons, group kite boarding lessons, guided down-winders, kiteboard camps, as well as many other services. The classes range from intro (never touched a kite or board before in your life) all the way through advanced lessons for students who want to learn how to do progressive tricks, kite jump transitions, staying upwind and more. Check them out for a great time, with lots of fun. The number at the shop is 956-299-9463, and their address is:

5709A Padre Blvd
South Padre Island, Texas 78597

Kitesurfing Equipment

Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding can be a potentially dangerous sport, so the proper choice of kite equipment is integral to participating in the sport in a fun and safe manner. Kiteboarding equipment consists of:

The kiteboarding kites can range in size from 5 – 18 meters. The number stands for the meters squared of canopy on the kite. If you are looking to get into the sport of kitesurfing then the purchase of a trainer kite is optimal. Trainer kites range in size from 1-3 meters and give you the perfect way to learn how to fly the kite with a reduced amount of potential power. Being able to fly the kites well is essential to becoming a better kiter. So flying a trainer kite for multiple hours will teach you the essentials of kite flying without the consequences of using large power kites.

How Much Does Kitesurfing Cost?

Many people have the question of how much does getting into the sport of kitesurfing cost. Most importantly, kiteboarding lessons are strongly recommended for safe entrance into the sport. Many people have gotten seriously injured while attempting to “teach” themselves. With this trial and error approach you can be sure that you will be spending more money on hospital bills than you could ever pay for kitesurfing lessons. Getting proper instruction from a certified professional is well worth your time and money if you are serious about becoming a kitesurfer. Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing lessons generally run about $100 per hour. Lesson rates go down with more time in the school, and also more people.

There are two avenues to go when thinking of purchasing kiteboarding equipment and gear. If you are a beginner kite surfer, you may think about purchasing used kite gear. There are many online used kite boarding and kite surfing equipment web sites, where you can buy second hand gear from other kitesurfers. Or you can check at your local kiteboard shop and possibly make an offer on their older school kites and used gear. Used kite surfing equipment is generally much more inexpensive than new kite gear.

Although used kitesurfing equipment is cheap, it does have drawbacks from a quality standpoint. You don’t really know how well the last owner took care of his gear. Since you need to trust your kiteboard gear, and maintain it so it doesn't fail in key situations, new gear is a great solution to having quality performance and life span. New gear

Should I Take Lessons?

It is strongly recommended that one takes lessons when learning how to kiteboard. The sport can be potentially dangerous, and it best to learn from a qualified instructor. This will allow you to advance faster and safely. There are several known instances of people seriously injuring themselves while attempting to teach themselves. Buying a kite and learning how to fly it is similar to buying a plane and thinking you can just go out and teach yourself to fly it. There will be crashes and a tremendous amount of power that the kite generates, and until you know how to exactly maneuver the kite, you cannot completely control the power. It is best to have a certified instructor walk you throughout the safety systems and proper steps to learning how to kitesurf.

Am I Strong Enough to Kiteboard?

Yes. It does not take as much upper body strength as you think. while kiteboarding, you wear a harness that transfers all of the pull to you waist. This leaves your arms free to steer the kite, and not simply for holding on. Children and petite women have no problem kitesurfing, and their upper body strength does not play as much of a role as one would think.

Kitesurf Safety

There are several safety releases and guidelines that are involved in kitesurfing. This is another reason why you should seek proper instruction from qualified professionals before attempting to kite surf on your own. Kiteboarding can be very safe when the proper procedures are followed. It can also be potentially dangerous if you are not aware of the kitesurfing safety releases and mechanisms.

Where to Kitesurf on SPI

locate the kite surfing spots in south padre island - secret beaches and flat water pools There are many different locations to kiteboard on South Padre Island. The most popular learning location is the South Flats, just north of the convention center at the north end of town. Another popular beach is the North Flats, which is 2 miles north of the South Flats. Both locations are on the Laguna Madre Bay. Home to flat shallow warm water to kitesurf in. On any given day with wind, you can find numerous other kiteboarders to kite with or help you launch your gear.

South Padre Island Wind & Weather

The windy season begins mid-October and runs all the way though the middle of summer. The winds in South Padre Island are greta for kiteboarding and the island is home to world-class kiteboarding conditions in the Laguna Madre Bay as well as the Gulf of Mexico. The weather in South Padre is generally warmer than everywhere else in the country. The Town is located on the same latitude as Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, so the climate is tropical and warm year round. The winter here is mild, but is packed with fantastic wind, making it a popular destination for many kite surfers.

Other Activities on South Padre Island

There are many other water sports on South Padre Island, Texas. These include things such as surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing and others. Go to the local kite shops to get an idea of what to do when there is no wind.